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Re: My Apologies about Mysterious sounds

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Friday, October 8, 2004, 21:23
Henrik Theiling wrote:

> I read a bit more and liked some of the other shifts as well. There > seems to be a newer notion of length that splits the Old Norse long > and short vowels into long and short again. :-) > > Old Norse=ON: > > ON /a:/ > far. [Oa] (long) or [O] (short) > ON /a/ > far. [Ea] (long) or [a] (short) > ON /o:/ > far. [Ou] (long) or [9] (short) > > Also, |i'| (i acute) seems to be pronounced [UY]. :-)
We are dealing with three distinct phenomena here: (1) Diphthongization of old lengths (2) The Scandinavian quantity shift (3) Tertiary diphthongization of the long outputs of (2). I have described (2) several times on this list, but in short it means that Common Scandinavian (CS) had three distinct types of syllable quantity: short /VC/, long /V:C/ or /VCC/ and overlong /V:CC/. The shift meant that all short syllables became lengthened and all overlong syllables shortened VC > V:C or VC: V:CC > VCC so that only two patterns /V:C/ and /VCC/ remained in stressed syllables. Historically southern German also went through the analogue of this, but then shortened all geminates, thus reintroduced /VC/ through the back door.
> > Whether it's irregular or not, I don't know, but pronouncing > |allar oyggjarnar| as ['9dlUn 'ODZUnUn] is at least innovative. :-)
It's actually FA orthography which is horrendously archaizing, without being so consistently. The */ll/ > /t_l/ change is BTW shared with Icelandic and West Norwegian dialects. -- /BP 8^) -- Benct Philip Jonsson -- melroch at melroch dot se Solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant! (Tacitus)