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Weaklie Vocab

From:takatunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2004, 7:57

1. I heard "Furrie the Platypus will probably visit Quackie the Duck.
2 They'll have a cup of tea and a bickie.
3. I'd rather have my Japanese friend translate the ranger's words for me.
4. Are you sure the kangaroos can't leap on board?
5. I can't say. Nothing's so sure. If Ol'Pink flies then Ol'Veggie might.
6. Did Jerry do what she laughed about?
7. Athenes' Olympics will take place in Melbourne on time.
8. The Tres Grande Bibliotheque cost as much as the Grande Arche did.
9. Rare volumes are still kept in the old Bibliotheque Nationale building
until they make the
TGB fit for the storage of books.