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From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 7, 2001, 1:19
>By "what they mean" do you mean pronunciation? Then I have a link for you >:-)
Well, yes and no. I can kinda guess on the easy ones, like the box (m), and the L-shaped one (n), but doesn't one of them (or more than one??) change pronunciation depending on whether it's at the beginning or end? Also, when I'm guessing what they sound like, I have no idea what I'm reading... kind of like when I practice my French pronunciation with words I don't know...only worse ;)
> > >I don't know what browser you're using, but it has sound samples for the >alphabet. Even so, the tensified stops may give you trouble. I've given >up trying to explain them to other people. <sigh>
Hehe... I've been there before... that's where I learned what I did... but I could stand to go again. ;) Tensified stops... are those romanized as double letters? (mm, jj...). Yeah. I think I've heard examples of them, but I haven't tried to reproduce them yet..Well, you could try explaining it... I mean, in my first yr of French I unknowingly picked up the difference between a french "L" and an english one. And I think I've found the sound that's midway between "l" and "r" while I was trying out new sounds for my language.... so... try one more time (if you want to), I might get it! ;) Maybe not....
>Try both and see which one you like better, if you've got the time. (At least, >that's what I used to >tell writing tutees who couldn't decide between two >possible intros to their essays...) > >Yoon Ha Lee
Hmm... I should probably do that... :) BTW, a little useless sidenote here... in my signature you'll see a little taste of my conlang... :) If anyone wants me to explain it, I will. It means: "This life is all you have." :) The Aquamarine Demon Ogesám yoneh yamáki li káyeng ili onanísám paná doh. --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? Find a job, post your resume on Yahoo! Careers.


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