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Re: French pronunciation (Was: Re: Fw: [wika] Boreanesian)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, May 25, 2000, 23:24
Scriptus est:
>> Anyway --- people who use older Outlook versions would do well to turn >> off Unicode and use ISO 8859-1/Latin-1 instead. Only other people with >> old Outlooks can see the non-ASCII characters they send otherwise. > >Actually, people with Netscape 4.x can read UTF-7 mail too by choosing >View/Character Set/UTF-7. But UTF-7 is still a Bad Thing, and should >be avoided. >
OLDER Outlook versions??? Ya mean to say my 13 month old computer is already obsolete? Well, nothing would surprise me. UTF-7 a Bad Thing??? It's the only setting that eliminates the weirdness on MY screen...... But Help is on the Way. BTW: In the list of messages, "Re: Languages separated by politics..." often is truncated to ".....polit" which I consistenty misread as "profit". So there's another classification to deal with.