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The Second Translation Relay Game has come full circle!

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 1999, 5:01
Hello, conlangers!

May we interrupt the local program on November 11 and other
heated discussions to bring you this special!

Five weeks ago I started another Translation Relay Game,
and it has now come full circle.  I think consensus was that
we'd post to the main list, since it might be donkey's years
before I could get it all on a webpage; so if there is no
objection, I thought we could proceed in order like this.

I will post the poem I got from Paul Bennett in his conlang,
and my Teonaht translation of it.  Paul was last in line, and
his poem represents the final transmutation of the text I
started.  Then I will post my smooth English translation of
my Teonath, and thirdly I will give the Teonaht original that
started the whole shebang.  The subject header will say "Relay:
from Wenetaic to Teonaht."  This is the order of the relay:

        Josh Roth
        Matt Pearson
        Boudewijn Rempt
        Rob Nierse
        Christopher Grandsire
        Pablo Flores
        Dirk Elizinga
        Irina Rempt
        Dennis Paul Himes
        Nicole Perrin
        Adam Parrish
        John Fisher
        John Cowan
        Terrence Donnelly
        Patrick Dunn
        Nik Taylor
        Andrew Smith
        Jeffrey Henning
        Steg Belsky
        Paul Bennett (who can then correct my Teonaht translation!)

See you soon,
Sally Caves
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