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From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Friday, March 1, 2002, 11:28
--- Camilla Drefvenborg <elmindreda@...> wrote:
> I live just outside Stockholm, in Sweden; and I've > been an amateur conlanger most of my life,
Welcome Camilla... Too bad you tell us now! My partner and I were just in Amsterdam and Copenhagen last month, where we met several of the conlangers on this list. Would have been nice had I known of you then! :-)
> plus my parents both being multilingual, so I grew > up hearing Swedish, > Amharic, English, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, > Italian, etc.
Incredible combination there! Amharic, how did that factor in? Were your parents fluent in this seemingly exotic tongue? If I'm not mistaken, Amharic is the language of Ethopia - correct? I've found the script intriguing yet quite disturbing for some reason - especially the ch of final -woch.
> so I guess becoming a conlanger was unavoidable... > *smiles*
Caused as a result of your environment, eh? Well, myself to the contrary - I hail from very monolingual Midwest area of the US! Learning a bit of Spanish or French is viewed as remarkable in that area - we Americans are just frankly too into ourselves, and that was what urged me to learn more about other countries and leave the States... now I live in Japan.
> my favourite language is Japanese, which has a very > special place in my heart. and which has a tendency > to influence my own under-construction conlang, > whether I want it to or not.
Really? May I ask why it holds a special place in your heart? Have you come here before? Hiroshi Kato and I, as far as I know, are the only 2 on this list at present who are in Japan (Tokyo). I think several other list members have either visited or studied here. Japanese is a popular natlang, it seems. I, too, having been with the language for nearly 10 years now, feel it interferes with my conlanging BUT generally that is because I view Japanese language is an almost perfect linguistic equation. To me, it seems always like "1 + 1 = 2" or "X to Y desu"... well, of course, there are many exceptions and many many other examples! ;-)
> what made me stop to say hello is that I just read > my own core conlang idea > in someone else's post. namely one by Christophe > Grandsire.
Surprised that I do not see a reply from Christophe... maybe I just overlooked it. Nice guy with a mind seemingly-abounding with innovative ideas on language (and whose "better half" concocts delicious meals!) ;)
> I would truly love posting my own translation of > Interbeing, but I'm not > there yet, and I refuse to cut corners in order to > get there sooner.
Do what you can! No race, at least IMHO... I think many of us, unfortunately, end up having to throw out a lot of interesting emails due to lack of time and energy to read them all! :-/ M.E.S. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Greetings - Send FREE e-cards for every occasion!


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