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Help needed

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 6:59
I have this text that I once took from the internet.
It is about an IE language that has developed into what now
looks like an Asian language, completely with tones, monosyllabic etc.

Now I can't find the article anymore!
All I ha ve left is a poem.

Does anybody know what language this is?
Google searches don't help and I have no idea where
to ask else.

If you recognise this language, please let me know.

paR  peiR voM eiL
tiH inL duaL teuHF
kinH inL nR deL
moiLF teuHF kunH eiL

moiTF teuHF kunH eiL
meuHF beuHF doH oLF
tonLF deR toH manM
seiH deuH toH keuHF

        elder(s) tell us [+DAT]
        heaven [+LOC] great god(s)
        earth [+LOC] yellow emperor
        house [+LOC] mother father

        lover sing you [+DAT]
        black water [+ADJ] eyes
        small sparrows [+ADJ] hands
        leaping fire [+ADJ] heart

The elders talk to us of
great gods in heaven,
the yellow emperor on earth,
mother and father in the house

Your lovers sings to you of
eyes like black waters
hands like little sparrows
a heart like leaping fire.