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stupid but useful questions!!!

From:Hese Kiel <hesekyel@...>
Date:Monday, September 13, 1999, 9:05
One can speak "internationally" using any european words one
know as long those whom you're talking to.
But while talking about a real international language that's
not ok. I know what i am talking about: I am european but
not speaking an european language. I know english is not so easy
every says. its volume comes from that there are a lot of people
saying some language is so iiiiiizy because THEY know it themselves
(and most of those people are speaking english).

A logical language?:
I understand there's good to be some structure
but if it overwrites easiness of language what it is good for.
Structure can be just handful of rules that can be used ducting more
language. More open it is, more flexible language will be any
For instance stable word order can be useful while using simple
but free word order can be more flexible (and also may include
so called predefined word order).
And there's a question: USING WHO's LOGIC?

Universal vocabulary?:
If you are going to learn any languages you got learn vocabulary. How I
know forehand which words are meaning what before learning them! And if
there's one international word how do i spell or pronounce it. For
will it be "president", "prezident", "presidant" or "peresidanto" or
(In Molkon it is "rebublic"+"leader, foreman").
I have to learn that word spesifically, and after that it could have
been anything
cause AFTER LEARNING IT I KNOW IT. Memory rules are too personal

Internationally speaking I really like to see some american-european
pseudo-linguist teaching
his international language in jungle and tries to explain difference
"suist" (shoemaker) and "shoe fetisist"....

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