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Re: Typological Survey Part I

From:Ajin Kwai <yasmin4@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 31, 2001, 13:29
> ---- PART I Conlang Typlogic Survey 2001 ---->>
House-keeping data>
> Name of the participating conlang:
> Name/id of the creators:
> Place used, if any:
world-wide speakers of kryan diaspora
> Web-address with more information, if any:
> Type of language as per Rick Harrison's system[2]: > (see 2.1.2
> 1: Word order of Subject (S), Object (O) and Verb
> The possible orders are:
SVO/SOV/VSO/VOS/OSV/OVS/free/doesn't apply From less-complicted native POV - Doesn't Apply: Embedding "Predicate - ((Relator)) - (Argument)" format, where Predicates belong to the Root or Particle class, Relators to the Particle class, and Arguments to the Root class. From traditional POV: VOS or VSO with many convoluted exceptions
> Which order(s) is/are most common?
> Which orders are possible?
As above.
> Is the order different if the verb is intransitive,
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