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Newsflash: Judean Gets Named!

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, December 1, 2000, 15:55
The Romance conlang with the working name "Judean" now has a native name:

(= Judean)
pronounced: [juw'zajka]

(this was actually the last name i was considering before i put the
language on hold)

This is short for _hulLinqa hujJûdajca_, "the Judean Language", from
_hujus linguae hujus Jûdaïcae_.

You can see the different ways of writing this at:

If i've made a Proto-Romance/Vulgar-Latin vs. Classical Latin mistake,
please tell me!

Explanation of the name:

1. In Jûdajca, there are two cases, Normal (or should that be "Oblique"?)
and Construct.  The construct case comes from the nominative, and the
normal from the genitive, due to a Semiticization of sequences of
"(house) (of study)" to "(house of) (study)".

2. The article _hu(j)-_ comes from _hujus_, the cross-gender genitive
form of "hic/haec/hoc", and due to the "unsure if it's still around or
not" /j/, it geminates the first consonant of the noun/adjective (just
like what _ha-_ does in Hebrew!  and didn't the Greek article also begin
with /h/?), and if the word begins with a vowel, the /j/ appears, but
without gemination.

3. Jûdajca /kw/ and /gw/ become /k'/.

4. After the long vowel /uw/, /d/ is pronounced [z].

5. The /n/ before /k'/ is pronounced [N]; there is no /N/ phoneme.

-Stephen (Steg)
 "You talk to me in that Soldier-Speak again and i'll kill you!"
       ~ anonymous Judean zealot during the formative years of Jûdajca