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YASC: Thnohnla

From:Tristan McLeay <anstouh@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 6, 2001, 3:06
(yet another sketch conlang)

Thnohnla /n_0_hO_~:LA/ (and yes, its orthography is regular) is a sketch
conlang which has no intentions of being expanded, unless someone else
wants to steal it. IOW, it's here for plagiarism, if anyone wants to
plagiarise it or any of its ideas, except for one which was plagiarised
from Christian Thalmann (although in a modified form).

You can read everything that's know about it at and (I doubt I'll HTMLify it, unless
you really want a badly wacked-together one).

Basically, its weirdest thing is the strong-medium-weak alternation in the
sounds. It's explained better in the PDF, but basically, inflections are
done by altering the nature of a sound. The vowel must agree with the
consonant, but if it has its own contradictory setting, the syllable
becomes nasalised (which is what happened in the name of the language; the
't' was strengthed and the 'o' weakened, so the 'o' became strengethend but
the syllable nasalised).

It can still have minor changes to it (like if someone can think of a
better strong-mid-weak for the fricatives/trills, do tell), so if you have
any better ideas, I have no problems with that. IOW, comments?

Apologies to Chrisophe because of the PDF and Christian because the
em-dashes weren't spaced ;)