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Explanation of my current sig

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Friday, March 18, 2005, 14:35

I've just finally added the day of the week to my current
signature. Because of this, I'm going to explain what my
sig actually says. I've also corrected some errors in the
generator script, e.g. that the first day of the month was
0. I didn't realise I just had to add one to the days, e.g.
1 CMonth has 24 days, not 23. Stupid me.

Edatamanon le matahanarà -- This letter was written

... beneno(ea)           -- (in the) morning
... nangimo(ea)          -- (in the) afternoon
... sitay(ea)            -- (in the) evening
    ... ea eibenem       -- in the early ...
    ... ea eityabo       -- in the late ...

ena Bahis                -- of the day
    ... Tenena           -- of Life
    ... Pinena           -- of Wind
    ... Venena           -- of Air
    ... Palayena         -- of Joy
    ... Siruena          -- of Stars
    ... Tingraena        -- of Music

AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF-GG     -- Date (given in base-12)
* AA                     -- Century
* BB                     -- Year  (Moon Cimban)
* CC                     -- Year  (Moon Vicama)
* DD                     -- Month (Moon Cimban)
* EE                     -- Month (Moon Vicama)
* FF                     -- Day   (Moon Cimban)
* GG                     -- Day   (Moon Vicama)

ena Curan Tertanyan      -- according to the
                            "Tertanyanian Count"

Tertanyan was an astronomer under king Cemyas II. and was
made responsible by him to create a new calendar that
should finally replace the more or less chaotic system that
existed before. When counting was started, it was right the
day of a total eclipse of both the two moons, which was
calculated earlier by Tertanyan and his coworkers. (Just
making up con-history from the scratch ...)

As of writing this, it's "Musicday", the 6./58. of the
14./2. month of the year 127/68 in the 17th century in the
early afternoon. Numbers in base-10 this time! The months
have no names yet.

To give another example, I was born Airday,
17-107-57-1-1-21-33 in the late morning (evening of August
26, 1986).

That's it. It's just the date of $_TODAY in the Ayeri
calendar. The cycles I am using are based on the two moons
of my conworld. They're way too regular to be true, but at
least I can date things now and convert from our
calendar to theirs. Conversion currently works only for
dates after 1/1/1970, but that's still better than nothing.