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Re: Conlang for the Foundations Saga

From:John Quijada <jq_ithkuil@...>
Date:Monday, October 23, 2006, 15:19
Santiago Matías Feldman wrote:
Why not create that Galactic
>language, based on the current natlangs in the Earth >and trying to predict the ways in which only one >language may become the only language of the future >human Galactic society 20,000 years in the future? >I don't mean of course that only one language may >become the language of humans, but perhaps a mixture >of many present-day natlangs. >Would it be English the one predominant 20,000 years >from now? > >Do you know of anyone who has already created a >conlang for the Foundations Saga? >Or do any of you have devised a futurist conlang?
___________________________________________ Hi. I don't know of any future Galactic language for Asimov's Foundation Series, but such a future pan-Galactic language has been created for Frank Herbert's "Dune" series. In the Dune Encyclopedia (Berkley Books, 1984) there is a whole article devoted to Galach, the galactic language mentioned in the series. It is essentially a hybrid of English and Russian, mutated through several cycles of sound changes. The cycle of sound changes is explored in great detail, so that the phonology and examples of Old Galach, middle-Galach, and Modern Galach are fully laid out. It is quite interesting, although the resulting language is rather cumbersome and long-winded. John Q.