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Babel Text -- Rav Zarruvo

From:Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 21:20
Here's the Babel text in my conlang, Rav Zarruvo.

Some notes on the orthography and grammar:

-All vowels have tone diacritics: : = high, _ = low, / = rising, \ =
falling, ^ = rising and falling, | = falling and rising.  (The standard
orthography puts these marks above the letter, but these won't show up in
online posts.)

-Some of the consonants also have special markings.  D, g, l, n, or r
followed by a + is pronounced further back in the mouth than the unmarked
version.  R followed by | is a rolled r.  (These also have distinct
one-letter markings in the standard orthography that wouldn't show up online.)

-Third person pronouns are those who are present at the time of speech; 4th
person is not present (third person obviative).

-Pronouns are also divided into object, plant (or fluid), animal, and person.

-Pronouns are also used as prefixes for "this" (3rd person), "that" (4th
person), or "one who does a verb" (3rd person).

-Normal word order is VSO, though this may be changed to emphasize one of
the nouns.  If the normal word order is not used, only the nominative is
not marked for case.

-A verb not marked otherwise is present tense, imperfect, imperative.

-The English text used is the Verbatim English translation by Mark Shoulson
(URL at the bottom)

'A/ yo_ bvyu_dza\g do:s'u/ng ju: 'i^ yi_r+a_v 'a/ nga\r+u/vla|b.  Yo_
bvyu_vla:n vlo^wo^ bvyu_l+a\n nga\vo/l l+ya|ng vo_vyo:dh dzu_ Zhi:na\r 'a/
dza:g+mo\r+ dzu_ gu^do:s.

'A/ yo_ bvyu_r+a_v vlo^'i\b vo/l ma:ngzo_m, "Zho\r|, za\w vlo^vo_
vo_vlo^g+i:gdo_dl 'a/ gha/ vo/l yi_gha/.  'A/ g+i:gdo_dl 'i^g+a:j vo/l
vlo^wo^ 'a/ 'i^g+a:jnga/bo\n+ dyo\' vo/l vlo^wo^.  'A/ yo_ bvyu_r+a_v
vlo^wo^, "Zho\r| za\w vlo^vo_ zhyu\l 'a/ glo\mgo^m, dzu_l+g+o:ng vo_d+
za\gu^ dlyo^ng, 'u\ yo_ mo^za\w vlo^vo_ 'i^na\b vo/l vlo^ma:ng 'a/
nga/bvya|''u/ng dzu_ zho|m za\do:s'u/ng ju:.

Nga\'a/ yo_ bvyu_l+a\n R+u_dzyo|' vo/l dhu\ng 'u\ za\l vo_zhyu\l 'a/
vo_glo\mgo^m ra/ da: vlo^'i\b yo_ za\wd+a^r+.  Yo_ bvyu_r+a_v R+u_dzyo|,
"Za\l 'i^ vlo^'i\b, 'a/ 'i^ za_l vo_r+a_v yo_ dza\g vlo^zha\ ju:, 'a/
vo_'i^za_l yo_ dza:l vlo^zha\.  'A/ nga\vo/l 'i^vho^l gi|za_l ra/ vlo^zha\
'i/dh mo\l+ nga\mo^yi_nga\n+o^z. Zho\r|, l+a\n wo/na_ vo/l dhu\ng, 'a/
dlyo^r|g+o:ng yi_r+a_v za\vlo^zha\, 'u\ nga\zho_mg+o:ngdho\' vlo^zha\

'A/ bvyu_bvya|''u/ng R+u_dzyo| vlo^wo^ nga\vo/l gu^do:s vo/l zho|m
za\do:s'u/ng ju:, 'a/ bvyu_za\wzo\bv vlo^wo^ da: zhyu\l. 'U\ bvyu_na\b
vo_gu^ wo_l+ Ba:bo_l, 'i/ bvyu_dlyo^r|g+o:ng R+u_dzyo| yi_r+a_v
ngyo\do:s'u/ng ju:, 'a/ bvyu_bvya|''u/ng R+u_dzyo| vlo^wo^ nga\vo/l gu^do:s
vo/l zho|m za\do:s'u/ng ju:

And def.mood dist.past-have place-severe all one state-speak and
not-many-word.  Def.mood dist.past-find sev-4p dist.past-move not-to east at Shinar and stay-home at 4o-location.

And def.mood dist.past-speak many-person to self-share, "Come, make
sev-1+2p and burning.heat to
state.of-burning.heat.  And rock-square 3o-stone to sev-4p and
3o-stone-not-hard to sev-4p.  And def.mood dist.past-speak sev-4p, "Come,
make sev-1+2p city and house-height, be.inside-change head
sky, therefore near.fut-make sev-1+2p doer.obj-name to sev-self and
not-separate-severe at face all."

Not-and def.mood dist.past-move Spirit-exist to down so.that see and by[s] many-person def.mood
make-imperfect.  Def.mood dist.past-speak Spirit-exist, "See one
sev-person, and one act def.mood belong sev-3p all, and def.mood begin sev-3p.  And not-to 3o-time whatever-act by
sev-3p cond.mood plan not-near.fut-state-not-possible.  Come, move few-1p
to down, confused-change state-speak, therefore
not.knowledge.change.perf sev-3p self-share."

Therefore dist.past-separate-severe Spirit-exist sev-4p not-to 4o-place to
face all, and dist.past-make-abandon sev-4p city.  Therefore dist.past-name with
Babel, because dist.past-confused-change Spirit-exist state-speak all, and dist.past-separate-severe Spirit-exist
sev-4p not-to 4o-place to face all.

Original Verbatim English translation:

    Any questions?  :-]

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