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Miksa Lingo

From:Mike Adams <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Friday, September 25, 1998, 22:31
Currently getting back into my main conlang of late called Miksa.

Namely it is a language that normally in one word combines

object (gender included), verb (past, present, in motion, possible,
future), subject. Yes for now it is sort of based on English vocabulary,
atleast until I get the basic structure and like done.

All in normally one word.

Or like.

Emotion = Em
Action = Ak


In progress=Pro

So a negative emotion is Emne
and if it is acted on it may be Emneak

So if it is an action is is Ak(what action)Pre

I still have to figure out things like how to name actions and like.

As well as other things..

Like how to differentiate living from dead, from never living and like.

And others.. It has been interesting since I have very little real back
ground in linguistics other than self taught.

I used to be on as

Glad to be back POSTING again.. Please forgive if I am ignorant, I just

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