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Re : Very confused (my last post)

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Date:Monday, July 5, 1999, 17:57
my last post on this interesting issue : 3 ways i've experienced to make any
topic a subject according to Jennifer's conlang's structure :

1. as in japanese : you take any case and you put "ko" at the end thereof.
then the verb may match any other rheme's actor's voice :

ta-rusa-k@-mi-KO kanyase kanyan.
with-brothers-my-TOP prize win/won.

2. as in french : you put the topic first, then "them"+sentence

rusa-k@-mi ta-THEM kanyase kanyan.
my brothers with-them prize win.

3. as in no natlangs i know : you make any case a voice :

rusa-k@-mi kanyase kanyan+BEN.