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"nonasemy" ( was: Re: your conlang, please? (Rich Aunt gets hold

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Thursday, October 8, 1998, 13:29
> In broad outline, Lin is a compact lang, with a compression factor of > about >3.0 wrt English. Ex., "i5o m" means all of '(the) important > agreement is possible'. It has the feature of nonasemy, whereby each word > of the lang has at least 9 meanings (three PoS decked on three > generations).
Shdn't that be "enneasemy"?
> Disambiguations of these meanings at sentence-level is by > the use of 'bi-valent morphemes' or plain 'interfixes', ie., adfixes that > join two words. > > As to Hambhukringki, it relies on certain symmetries in semantic space. It > generalizes usual actions and meanings into their symmetric supersets > along more than one axis (space/time/internal-space). At sentence-level > the symmetries are broken through the *interaction* of different words > (rather than modifying a single word depending on its clause-role), with > the result that there are no words that are completely > nouns/verbs/qualities, but words that carry part of these meanings: in > short, fractional PoS!
This is the scary result you get when a physicist invents a language! --And.