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Rob's Future English Babel Text

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 9, 2005, 16:52
Per Pascal A. Kramm's request, I've put the Babel Text into my Future
English.  Enjoy. :)

Tel o'Babel
1. Nau hagatim erta hol leñvica von n'vodas sem.
2. Hafainsim mansa eshamuvensa t'isda palen i'Xinar en hasedelsa in'der.
3. Hasejasim t'icoda, "Lesmimeksim barikas en mibeksim daruli."  Hajussim
barikas isdo'raka n'tar f'morto.
4. Den hasejasim, "Lesmibildasim f'mis siti vit'tavo pat'xevensa.  So
mimemeksim f'mis en minatbisageto ov'fes o'erta hol.
5. Bota hadaunkom Lorda f'sijimen siti n'tavo habildensim mansa dersa.
6. Hasejim Lorda, "Habeginsim des duven hir es'pipal von vit'leñvica von.
So kendusim enitin davuvontasim duvimen.
7. "Lesmidauños en mikamfussim leñvica deson.  So natasdensicda."
8. So hasagetoim Lorda ov'erta hol en hasadapsim bildimen siti.
9. So nau gatim siti nem o'Babel kas etde hakamfusim Lorda leñvica o'erta
hol.  Far'pales der hasagetoim Lorda des ov'erta hol.


tel o'.babel
tale OF.Babel

1. Nau erta hol leñvica von n'.voda.s sem.
now earth whole language one AND.word.PL same

2. t'.isda palen i'.Xinar en in'.der.

PST.find.PL.3o man.PL AS.PST.move.PRG.PL TO.east plain IN.Shinar and
PST.settle.PL IN.that

3. t'icoda, " barika.s en" barika.s isdo'.raka n'.tar f'.morto.

PST.say.PL.3o TO.each-other IMP.1s.make.PL.3o brick.PL and 1s.bake.PL.3o
thorough.ADV PST.use.PL.3o brick.PL INSTEAD-OF.rock AND.tar FOR.mortar

4. Den, " f'mi.s siti vit'tavo pat'xevensa.
So f'mi.s en ov'fes o'erta hol.

then PST.say.PL.3o FOR.1.PL city WITH.tower UP-
TO.heaven.PL thus 1s.OPT.make.PL.3o FOR.1.PL and 1s.NEG.PSS.scatter
OVER.face whole

5. Bota ha.daunkom Lorda f' siti n'tavo

but PST.down-come lord FOR.see.3o.INF city AND.tower

6. Lorda, " de.s duv.en hir es'pipal von
vit'leñvica von.  So enitin

PST.say.3o lord PST.begin.PL.3o 3.PL do.INF this AS.people one
WITH.language one thus anything THAT.CND.want.PL.3o do.3o.INF

7. "Les.mi.dauño.s en leñvica de.s.on.  So

IMP.1.down-go.PL and 1.confuse.PL.3o language 3.PL.APS thus

8. So Lorda ov'erta hol en siti.

thus PST.scatter.3o lord whole and PST.stop.PL.3o build.3o.INF

9. So nau siti nem o'.Babel kas Lorda leñvica
o'.erta hol.  Far'.pales der Lorda de.s ov'.erta hol.

thus now got.3o city name OF.Babel because AT.3 PST.confuse.3o lord
language whole that PST.scatter.3o lord 3.PL whole.

1 first-person
3 third-person
ADV adverb
APS alienable possessive
CND conditional
INF infinitive
NEG negative
o object
OPT optative
PL plural
PSS passive voice
PST past tense
PRG progressive aspect
RCP reciprocal
s subject

(More or Less) Literal English Translation

The Tale of Babel
1. Now the whole world had one language with the same words.
2. As men moved to the east, they found a plain in Shinar and settled
3. They said to each other, "Let's make bricks and bake them thoroughly."
They used bricks instead of rock and tar for mortar.
4. Then they said, "Let's build for ourselves a city with a tower up to
the heavens.  Thus we may make a name for ourselves and may not be
scattered over the face of the whole earth."
5. But the Lord came down for to see the city and the tower that the men
were building.
6. The Lord said "They have begun to do this as one people with one
language.  Thus they can do anything that they would want to do.
7. "Let's go down and confuse their language.  That way, they won't
understand each other."
8. So the Lord scattered them over the whole earth and they stopped
building the city.
9. So now the city has the name of Babel, because there the Lord confused
the language of the whole world.  From that place the Lord scattered them
over the whole earth.

- Rob