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Re: New Rikchik Postscript files

From:Diana Slattery <slattd@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 25, 1998, 12:47
Didier Willis wrote:

> Denis M. Moskowitz wrote: > > > > At the Boston Conlang dinner, I showed off some of the rikchik > > postscript files I've generated. There seemed to be enough > > interest to put them up on my web site, so I did. > > > > Enjoy.
and Didier wrote:
> > "Talk + Idea" seems to mean "Language" (it is thus used on you > web page)... "Rikchik smiles because of the language" ??? No, I > have certainly missed something here, "Language" should collect > "Rikchik"... > > I give up and wait for your help. I definitively don't seem to > have seven tentacles and a Rikchik brain =:*) > > Didier.
i had a fine time imagining a communicating rikchik, as the signs wave through the cluster of tentacles, one conceptual group "linking" to the next, the 4 to the 7. if they communicate underwater, or are particularly sensitive to small breezes, perhaps even blind rikchiks read the signs in the small waves coming their way. in addition to the circle, we share a linguistic element--glide uses the wave-sign. pretty basic to the running of this universe, at least. diana
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