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Books on Translation

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 15, 2003, 12:05
I just subscribed to the LINGUIST list and received an e-mail on a book
about translating.  Now, it looks like an interesting book, but why does it
have to be freakin' $70 for a 127-page book??  Grrr.  (Several other book
notices were priced at $100!)  Since I'm not willing to spend that sort of
money, does anyone have suggestions for (cheaper) books or (free) websites
that might cover similar material?  I've included a snipped version of the
LINGUIST e-mail below, so you know what I would like suggestions to be
similar _to_.  :)


>LINGUIST List: Vol-14-118. Tue Jan 14 2003. ISSN: 1068-4875. >Subject: 14.118, Books: Translation: Nida > >Title: Contexts in Translating >Book URL: >Author: Eugene A. Nida > >Hardback: ISBN: 9027216479, Pages: x, 127 pp., Price: EUR 70.00 >Hardback: ISBN: 158811113X, Pages: x, 127 pp., Price: USD 70.00 > >Abstract: > >Contexts in Translating is designed to help translators understand the >varieties of contexts and their importance for understanding a text >and reproducing the meaning in another language. The contexts include >the historical setting of writing a text, the cultural components that >make a text unique, the types of audiences for which the translation >is intended, and the most efficient and effective ways of producing a >satisfactory representation of the source-language text. The >structural levels of language are described, and the principal >features of text organization are also explained. In addition, the >main features of various books on translation are outlined, and a >chapter on basic theories of translation is followed by a selective >bibliography. > >Table of Contents > >Preface IX >1. What is translating? 3 >2. Language and culture 13 >3. Words in context 29 >4. Relations between words 53 >5. Translating texts 67 >6. Representative treatments of translating 87 >7. Three major types of translation theories 107


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