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Chain Shifting bodoer [T] -> [f] (was: Syracusian Dialect Question or similar)

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 7, 2003, 15:05
--- Isidora Zamora <isidora@...> wrote:
> >Also got to hear Syrcuzarians pronounce > Ukranian. > >Oiks! The priest I think must have been > Ukranian > >and naturally did what I'd suppose is a native > >job; the younger the parisioner, though, the > more > >Merkin they sounded. > > Padraic, > > Was this an Orthodox Church in Syracuse? If > so, what was the name of the parish?
Nope, Catholic. St. John the Baptist's up on Wilbur. Beautiful church (as are all Eastern churches I've seen). Liturgy was in Ukranian and English. Are you in Syracuse, then? Or somewhere thereabouts? Padraic. ===== - Ke goueneremos dois Noeves, lis Apossoeil et lis Martheir; ke merite-nos la perdunació per y sew oriacèn - A Ddon ten mezer! -- Ill Bethisad -- <> Come visit The World! -- <> .


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