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Re: OT: Program[me] (Was Re: Conlang FAQ was Re: Grammatical tones)

From:Thomas R. Wier <trwier@...>
Date:Saturday, August 24, 2002, 22:25
Quoting Tim May <butsuri@...>:

> bnathyuw writes: > > > what programme do you edit in ? good old notepad ( or > > equiv ) or something flashier ? i tend to use > > dreamweaver for speed and then clear up the glitches > > in html afterwards > > > > This is not particularly relevant to anything, but do you normally use > the spelling "programme" to refer to software? I was taught (in > primary school) "program" for that, and "programme" for broadcasts, > itineraries and all other uses.
Isn't the spelling <program> originally entirely foreign to Britain in the first place? I had been under the impression that it was an import from America, and that its use as a technical term in technology came about because the technology in question was imported from the United States. BTW: since we're going to be nitpicking ( 8P ), when posting off-topic posts, use of the tag "CHAT:" is suggested since subscribers not interested in off-topic posts can have those filtered out. "OT:" is, unfortunately, not a tag the listserv recognizes. (Of the other tags, "Grouplang", "NGL", "Theory" and "Usage", the first two are essentially obsolete, while the latter two are used quite often.) ========================================================================= Thomas Wier Dept. of Linguistics "Nihil magis praestandum est quam ne pecorum ritu University of Chicago sequamur antecedentium gregem, pergentes non qua 1010 E. 59th Street eundum est, sed qua itur." -- Seneca Chicago, IL 60637


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