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Re: Changing worldviews with language (LONG)

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Monday, November 4, 2002, 13:43
H. S. Teoh scripsit:

> > An argument is a core argument if the predicate insists on having it. > > Interesting. I suppose in light of this, Ebisedian has no core arguments, > since everything is optional, and things clear from context are usually > freely elided.
Well, not exactly. In Lojban too, anything clear from context can be elided, but there is still a sharp distinction between core and non-core arguments. In English (which is not the best language for exemplifying these things), you can say "John ate", which suggests that the patient argument is not required by the "eat" predicate. In fact, however, this is short for "John ate something" -- there is no concept in English of eating-without-an-eatee. So the valency of "eat" is agent-patient. -- Said Agatha Christie / To E. Philips Oppenheim John Cowan "Who is this Hemingway? / Who is this Proust? Who is this Vladimir / Whatchamacallum, This neopostrealist / Rabble?" she groused. --author unknown to me; any suggestions?


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