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Senyecan Babel Text, Part 1

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 26, 2004, 23:19
I'll do this in several parts since it is quite long.  I translated
it directly from the Hebrew.

sun sólun vúútu-n ói yéca-s ói yexmo-s=cöe
the whole earth-NM.SG one language-GN.SG one speech-GN.SG=and
(And) the whole earth one of-language one of-speech-and


(1) I have not indicated the gender of the nouns, believing it to be
obvious: i-class, e-class, etc.
(2) The time augment is always hyphenated: e-nésa.
(3) The co-ordinating conjunction "and" is never used to connect
clauses or sentences, only individual words.

èpi tam aaúsa-m èha e-nu-célö-a,
as the east-AC.SG from PST-they-travel-IND
(And) as the east from they-traveled,

léépom tos réµo-s sinár-mïa-s èna cáálno-m
level the land-GN.SG shinar-(6)-GN.SG in valley-AC.SG
a level the land shinar in valley

nù-mi e-déés-a e-n-és-a.
they-AC.PL PST-find-IND[INF] PST-it-is-IND
them to-find it-was.

(4) Postpositions, not prepositions.
(a) with the acc. if there is motion: tam aaúsam èha.
(b) with the gen. if there is no motion: tos réµos èna.
(5) Apposition is expressed by parallel structure without the use
of "of": the land Shinar.
(6) The suffix -mïa is used to name a country.
(7) The subject of an inf. is in the acc. case; no personal pronoun
prefix is attached to the inf.

To be continued.