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Two Language two nations

From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 4:54
I love how Canada has developed their own English forms, some sounds
very American (US), while some are far from it, ever hear a native of
New Foundland. Heh, I live in Alaska, we often find the states are
oppresive as well, and love our own identity, miss Much Music, we got
MTV (gross) now.
I do love how Canada settled the Native American "Problem" alot less
brutal than the US did. Heh, the Inuit have their own province (sort of

Anyone here want to talk Inuit/Yupik/Siberian Yupik? Any conlangs based
on said lingos?

I do know that the US wanted Canada to join the Union, but Canada had
alot less reasons to seperate from Britain than the US did, they for a
long time did not have much of a population base, and it was spread out.
Alot of their economy was export, and they just did not have the market
infrastructure to seperate from the Crown. And the US just did not
provide good reasons to seperate, it would have been much like the War
Between the States, where a rural country seperated from a urban
industrial, but this time it would be Canada who was the rural,

Besides, Canada provides Alaska a buffer from the states and their crap.


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