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[Fwd: lexicons]

From:Tom Wier <artabanos@...>
Date:Monday, March 29, 1999, 18:55
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This shoulda been forwarded to the list...

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nicole wrote:

> Since I'm only working on my first conlang, I really have no experience > on which words to include in my lexicon (which words are most common, > most "important," etc.). Are there any word lists online of common > English words? The categories from Lingua Ignota were helpful, but > specific words would be more so. Thanks.
You should probably do a seach on the internet about the "Swadesh List" or "Morris Swadesh". He was a linguist earlier in this century who did some work in historical linguistics using a set of words that he hypothesized every related language would have in common (the more words two languages have in common, in terms of being cognates, the more closely related the two languages will be). For your work, though, it will be good on just knowing what words you should have to include in your basic vocabularies. ======================================================= Tom Wier <artabanos@...> ICQ#: 4315704 AIM: Deuterotom Website: <> "Cogito ergo sum, sed credo ergo ero." There's nothing particularly wrong with the proletariat. It's the hamburgers of the proletariat that I have a problem with. - Alfred Wallace ======================================================== --------------AA3E3842ACCDD2085DE6C169--