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OT : Hebrew Translation

From:Jean Luc Bengler <jlbengler@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 26, 2002, 8:44
Vendredi 15 novembre 2002 à 14:24:58
Daniel Andreasson danielandreasson@SWIPNET.SE a écrit :

> Heya. > A person on another list was wondering what the below > translates to. A week has passed and noone has replied > to him, so I thought I'd ask you guys. > > > Layla-tov! Ani mitbeir evri tov! Babai qatseem bahayl > > hatout'haneem negid matoseen! Ve hanninni nikhnas > > ve'youshayvit 'al-hashoulhaal!
> I hope it means something normal and not something > totally un-PC. Sorry in advance if it does. The asking > person isn't known to be too PC. He is however known > from a docusoap. :/
> ||| daniel
Well, I've been on Unilang forum to ask for a translation and got it quite quickly from Lynch, an Israeli who lives in Netanya. I give you his message in extenso : as he's a native hebrew speaker, I think we can trust him! JLB Lynch wrote : *** Yes, this is perfect hebrew, only written like crap with many consonants swapped, this is what happens when some one thinks english is phonetic! I have warned about this! With a little imagination I came up with the complete meaning of the phrases: Layla-tov! = Perfect hebrew for "Good night" Ani mitbeir evri tov! = Should be: Ani medaber ivrit tov! I speak hebrew (quite) well Babai qatseem bahayl hatout'haneem negid matoseen! = Should be: Bah bai katsin becheil atotchanim neged metosim! Bah bai = Bah bye katsin = commanding officer becheil atotchanim = in the canioneers neged metosim = against airplanes All together: Bah bye officer in the canioneers, which fight against the airplanes. Ve hanninni nikhnas ve'youshayvit 'al-hashoulhaal! = Should be: Ve ineni nichnas veyoshevet al ashulchan Ve = And ineni = biblical form of "I" nichnas = enter (1st person singular masculine) veyoshevet = and sit (1st person singular feminine) - this conjugation is wrong, as it does not coincide with the former verb. al ashulchan = on the table. All together: And I enter (the room) and sit on the table. Total text: I speak hebrew (quite) well. Bah bye officer in the canioneers, which fight against the airplanes. And I enter (the room) and sit on the table. =================== Okay, whomever wrote this was tought hebrew either by himself/herself or by a tutor, he/she speaks english as another language and is quite a begginer... still confusing the letters of some sounds. I believe somebody tought her/him hebrew over the internet, and she/he got it all basicaly well, but still with many lethal mistakes. The israeli person who tought this person hebrew was in the army, serving with the unit that employes cannons. It seems this is the farewell message between these "friends". This is all rather imaginary, based on the text as much as I can... I still do not know why the person wrote "I" in such a biblical form. *** _________________________________________________________ Gagne une PS2 ! Envoie un SMS avec le code PS au 61166 (0,35€ Hors coût du SMS)


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