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becoming (was: 'born')

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, May 10, 2001, 4:19
Nik Taylor wrote:

>David Peterson wrote: >> It certainly does mean "attractive", and I don't think any English
>> the second usage. Unless, of course, the sentence before it is "I don't
>> what the city's...", or something like that. > >But, look at the following sentence "There may be arguments as to what >it's becoming". That interpretation makes perfect sense to me>
Of course. The rest of the passage makes clear that the city is undergoing a process of change, not that it is "still attractive." (a) And think about it: when was the last time you said, or heard said, "Gee, [city or town of your choice] is so becoming!", meaning "attractive". (b) For me at least, "becoming" connotes "attractive _because of some external feature, often though not exclusively apparel_" - "She is /looks very becoming" - "That bikini is becoming on her" - "Good manners are very becoming in a man/woman" * She has a becoming personality. ?*Their house is so becoming. It strikes me that it would be rare, perhaps even a little odd, for a (straight) man to use "becoming" of another man's appearance-- but maybe that's just me...... Incidentally, Muke's Span. nacerse seems to me the _perfect_ Span. translation of the last sentence in the quote-- ..."la ciudad todavía está naciéndose"; the first line could well be "...haciéndose/formándose/creándose"