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R setl-sa suq-sa-x: "The Watcher Speaks"

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Monday, December 13, 1999, 5:08
R taq-qa-nn eks-xa-fu setl-xa-fu umn-xa wu-twulh-fu sil-fu wu-ala-fu-fu!
setl-qa-fu! Nkm-qa.  Pl setl-wa-fu klq-wa-ts.  R setl-qa-fu! Nkm-qa
twulh-fu! nas-fu!-x.  sz dwa-ba-qa-bi zdeg-ba-tz.  R suq-qa-x esl-qa-nn

e = shwah
P = bilabial trill (raspberry)
R = uvular trill
! = alveolar click
x = [sh] in "ship"
q = uvular stop
N = velar nasal


R taq-qa-nn eks-xa-fu setl-xa-fu
topic encourage-I-next.clause critique-you-phonetic.utterance

umn-xa wu-twulh-fu
be.human-you not-logical-ph.ut

sil-fu wu-ala-fu-fu!
difficult-ph.ut not-like-ph.ut-second.phonetic.utterance

setl-qa-fu! Nkm-qa.
speak-I-2ph.ut Advena-I

Pl setl-wa-fu klq-wa-ts.

R setl-qa-fu! Nkm-qa
Topic speak-I-2ph.ut Advena-I

twulh-fu! nas-fu!-x.
logical-2ph.ut sufficient-2ph.ut-you.

sz dwa-ba-qa-bi zdeg-ba-tz.
topic(question) ask-anyone-me-anything want-anyone-last.clause

R suq-qa-x esl-qa-nn sla-mda-kwa-q.
Topic watch-I-you be-I-next.clause (name)-love-water-I

Smooth translation:

I encourage you to critique human languages.  They are difficult and
illogical, unlike the Advena language.  No one should speak human
languages.  Advena is logical and sufficient for you [or, anyone].  Does
anyone want to ask me a question about anything?

Watching you,
I am,
Slamdakwaq (Waterlover)

[Note Slamdakwaq is a poor stylist -- according to classical Advena
rhetoric, each new sentence (topic marker) resets the pronouns.  Thus,
after establishing that fu represents human language, Slamdakwaq must,
*until starting a new topic* refer to any other languages as fu!.  But
after starting a new topic, he should use fu again before establishing
fu!. We can read from this that Slamdakwaq is probably not formally
educated -- he (she?) was probably assigned to our list as a punishment or
a reward, not because of any linguistic knowledge. Alien nepotism? Who
knows how the Advena would see this assignment?]