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Re: TECH: Word Processors

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, May 7, 2006, 3:25
Paul Bennett wrote:
> I'm looking for a Word Processor for Windows that supports Unicode > planes other than the BMP. > > The copy of MS Word that I have (with Office XP Pro) refuses to even > let me select a Plane 1 font (Code 2001), and pastes Plane 1 characters > in as the "No such character" rectangle regardless of the fonts in the > source app or in itself. > > I'm downloading Ooo 2.0.2 right now, but if that doesn't cope well, I'd > love to get recommendations from the list.
You may need to change a setting in the Windows registry. Here's a page I found that looks like it has some useful information: In WordPad (Windows XP) I can type 1D12A[LeftAlt+X] and get a double sharp symbol (if I've selected a font that includes a double sharp). I can copy this and paste it into Word 2000, but it takes up two character spaces (one for each of the surrogates, presumably). WorldPad 1.6 appears to display the characters correctly, and works with Keyman 5.0 keyboards that include Plane 1 characters, but it doesn't support the LeftAlt+X shortcut (there might be another way to enter these characters, but I'm not familiar with it.) One minor issue is that the double sharp character appears to be two characters when you use the arrow keys to move the insertion point left and right. I haven't checked any more recent versions of WorldPad.