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Weekly Vocab #2.1.31 (repost #1)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, July 20, 2007, 4:07
Last posted: December 7th, 2003

> From: Christopher Wright <faceloran@...> > > Missed a week due to illness. > > 1. oil > If I'm to bake today, I need some oil. > > 2. shop (noun) > There's a shop down the road. > > 3. to stroll > I stroll towards it. > > 4. flood > A flood springs up and blocks the road. > > 5. another > I turn to take another route. > > 6. to split > The earth splits beneath my feet, but I jump across just in time. > > 7. to bleed > I fell, though, and now my shin is bleeding. > > 8. to continue > I continue toward the shop. > > 9. army > The army stands to prevent access to the shop! > > 10. to run > I run in regardless, grab the oil, fling some money on the counter, and run > back out! > > 11. home > But now I can't get home past the flood and ravine.
Bonus Vocab from WordNet: This is randomly selected automatically, so in case it offends you or you disagree, please either ignore or be inspired to make up different words and/or phrases: - binoculars, n. an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes - sack, v. plunder (a town) after capture; "the barbarians sacked Rome" Fiant verba! ---- If you want to post your own weekly vocab, please do not send it to the list directly. To prevent unbalanced amounts of new vocab, send it to <weeklyvocab@...> in order to enqueue it in the regular weekly posting process. Just write a mail as if addressing the list directly -- it will be forwarded as is.