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Re: Odd construct

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 17:05
BP Jonsson wrote:
>At 11:02 2001-10-15 +0200, daniel andreasson wrote: >>Andreas: >> >> > Well, you don't need to "hit" something to "slå" it! _Rekordet är >>20m - om >> > du slår't [slo:rt`] vinner du ett pris._ Or you might want to _slå >>sönder >> > ett glas_ or something. Tho' is hardly a very common thing to say for >>me >> > either. >> >>Do you say _slå sönder't_? I have _re_ in all cases. >> >> > BTW, what'd you say about an expression like _seru't inte?_ ["se:r8t >>int@] >> > "Don't you see it?"? I say things like that quite frequently. >> >>I say something like ["se:r8'r@nt@] or ["se:r8'rn=t@] >> >>||| daniel > >Me, speaking a west-coast dialect elide the /r/ instead, so you get >["se:d8dInt@], with a rounded [@] at that. > >I think that the _'t_ and _'n_ contractions are dying out, or already have >died out, among younger people except for those few that still speak more >traditional dialect. They were a common spoken-language marker in >literature until about 50 years ago but sound old-fashioned today.
Hm, this 19-year-old who certainly don't speak tradinitional dialect use them quite reg'larly. Tho' they could of course be a regionalism in otherwise "Standard" speech. Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at