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Date:Sunday, April 24, 2005, 2:49
Today, I tought of something, even if I'm not actually planning to use it in
a conlang

Are there languages in which a verb can agree wich the possessor of a
nominal phrase?

Like if in a sentence as: "My cat eats your mouse", the verb "eat" would
agree in first person with the subject's possessor or in second person with
the object's possessor

Such a language could be (with random examples)


cat = gul
mouse = hude
to eat = kabin

Subject, possessor's person's sufixes:
1st = -je
2nd = -it
3rd = -ee

Object, possessor's person's prefix:
1st = je-
2nd = ge-
3rd = zo-


gul kabin hude = the cat eats the mouce
cat eat mouse

gul jekabin hude = the cat eats my mouse
cat 3rd-eat mouse

gul gekabinje hude = my cat eats your mouce
cat 2nd-eat-1st mouse

gul jekabinit hude = your cat eats my mouse
cat 1st-eat-1nd mouse

gul zokabinee hude = his/her cat eats his/her mouse
cat 3rd-eat-3rd mouse

Is there something similar in any (nat/con)language?


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