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Latin loans in Carashán

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Monday, July 16, 2001, 14:10
At the height of the classical period the Carastan Empire and the Reman Empire,
although divided by the Middle Sea, were the bitterest of rivals. Although
neither fully succeded in conquering the other, enough time was spent in
control of enemy terrtiory that the soldiers took home items of vocabulary with
them, as well as unsavoury foreign diseases or wives.

Of course, these words didn't quite make it into standard Aredos, but they
survived in Vulgar Aredos and gave a lot of Carashán words, of which I've
presented a seclection in a spiffy little list below for interested parties:

coitova - kitchen - abbreviation of  L. contuberna:le:s "mess"
coveilo - apartment - L. cubiculum
deator - policeman - L delator
êsoa - apartment block - L. insula
sarsea - lady's handbag - L. sarcina "knapsack"
shaupro - surgeon's knife - L. scalprum
coator - surgeon - L. circulator "quack"
couza - prick - L. cauda "tail"

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