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More natural language questions

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Thursday, July 12, 2001, 18:20
    I'm having some translation problems with French and German.  First,

    When you say "a pair of socks" and "a lot of socks", my girlfriend
(minoring in German) said you say "ein Paar Socken" and "eine Menge Socken".
I thought you'd have to insert "der" in between there to get that "of", but
she says it's idiomatic.  Is this true?

    Now, French:

    Okay, I never learned how to use the pronoun "en".  So, I've come to a
place where I think I might use it.  The sentence prior is "So, do you like
socks?  I like socks.  Do you know why?"  [Actually, that's three.  I'm
making a book for my unborn sister translated into about ten languages,
including two of my own.]  And the next sentence is, "Because if you put one
on your arm...", and I thought you might say, "Parce que si tu en mets sur
ton bras...", but I wasn't sure.  Confirm or deny, anyone?



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