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Re: Texts shaping language

From:Tony Harris <tony.harris@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 2, 1999, 21:06
--On Tuesday, March 02, 1999, 7:37 PM +0100 Irina Rempt
<ira@...> wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Tony Harris wrote: > > (Without any line breaks. Please, if you use something that doesn't > put in "hard" line breaks, remember to hit Enter every 70 characters > or so!)
Yes, sorry about that. I normally use either an Email client called Mulberry, or else just Pine under Linux, both of which handle this fine. However, every once in a while I find myself using Microsoft Outlook Express under NT Workstation, and it assumes, in typical Microsoft fashion, that the entire world is using Outlook Express and therefore there is no need to wordwrap. You're the second person recently to have this problem with a message I sent using that, so I'll probably try to avoid Outlook like the plague.
>> Plus, I wrote up a Visual Basic program at one point that would do >> a multiple choice quiz, either Aluric-English or English-Aluric, so >> I could practice. Although I haven't used the quiz program to its >> full potential, it does help quite a bit. > > Is this available? Or if it isn't generally available, can I have it? > I don't do much with Windows any more, but I'd probably be able to > convert it to something like Python for use under Linux, or run it > under Wine.
Well, it's not generally available mainly because I haven't made it so. Right now it's rather Aluric-centric in its approach, but it's easily reworked to do a more generic approach. I'm at work now, so I don't have a copy of the latest one, but I do have a slightly older but *much* more generic one called LANGQUIZ that I wrote some time back, that does the same thing but with the language data file and the font being selectable. It is NOT an example of a truly finished product, but it does work nicely, although I can think of some tuning I'd like to do if I had a few minutes. It is written in Visual Basic 4.0, and I'll deliver the source code and the executable. If you do rework this in Python, I would very much like a copy (source code) since I'm using Linux more and more, and also since Python is one of those languages I have on my to-do list to learn. The source code and executable, along with data files for Aluric (expects the Aluric font, which can be downloaded from the Aluric site itself) and Klingon (any font is fine) can be found at: The data files are just comma delimited format, so they shouldn't be too bad to produce from whatever you're keeping vocabulary in now. Also at that location you can find VB40032.DLL which is required to run the executable. If you already have it, don't bother downloading it. If you don't, get it and put it in your windows system directory. That's at: Haven't tested these downloads, since this is kind of thrown together, so let me know if there are any problems. If there are others on the list who want to try these (no guarantees and no instructions other than what I've written here) feel free. Tony Harris Community College of Vermont