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Re: license-plate games, Scrabble (was: oh, you wouldn't believe)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, August 24, 2001, 15:15
Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
>> Incongruously obconlang: Anyone have license-plate games or the
>> for their conlangs? <G> (Or whatever mutilation thereof.) Scrabble?
Not conlang, but related: when driving around, I devise tri-consonantal roots from license plate prefixes, such as most states now use: e.g SBG .... That makes a root "sabaga", derivatives asbag, subbig, sabgi etc. ad libitum. Vowels represent ?V. It keeps my mind off the road. It's also fun to deform place names, by vowel deletion, etc: my town Saugatuck [sOg@tVk] > sOgtVk, asg@tk@, s@gatk@ etc.