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Viivo (was Re: a semi-paranoid question)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 21:42
In a message dated 2000:09:18 2:29:17 PM, nicole.eap@SNET.NET writes:

>'kay, I got a few questions 'bout Vivo, maybe you've answered them >already and I've missed them, so if so, sorry... > >Every time you post a sentence/phrase I wonder about the orthography -- >and about the differences between the spoken and written languages, >between which you usually make sure to differentiate. Also, what are >the phonological constraints of the language like? Did they change >during the con-history of the lang? (like, do you borrow some words from >sources with certain mutilations then words that are supposed to be >borrowed later have different ones because the phonology became more >"liberal"?)
I have been tackling the phonology on the fly and the orthography is my attempt to be more phonemic in an aesthetic sense closer to an Italian-lexifier pidgin with very dense polyglot substratum. Most pidgins & creoles seem to favour the Germanic IPA-influenced Romanization (pidgin phonemic) others - like Haitian Creole - have several competing Romance etymological semi-phonetic systems. I am inventing my orthography somewhere between those extremes. More details later ... ::I am missing my IPA consonant cheat-sheet:::
> >Also, have you posted much on the syntax of Vivo? I'm most interested >in this.
I have indeed. TMA (tense-mood-aspect) system, a Viivo ruff-sketch of prepositions with a query on prepositional systems and how they divide semantic space, grammatical gender/numeralic classifier system in Viivo... czHANg
>> >> other vocabulary that I came up with has some nice correlations: >> >> _matta_ "matter" _Maia-meme_ "materialism" (an ideology) >> >> _littarii_ "(to) read" _libarii_ "book(s)" >> >> I swear it happened by chance... I think must be doing something >right >> if these synchronicities keep poppin' up...