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Re: Genders & Re: Elvish-Based Conlangs

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Friday, August 18, 2000, 12:09
> From: Dan Jones > Subject: Re: Genders & Re: Elvish-Based Conlangs > > > Steg Belsky > > > RE: ELVISH-BASED CONLANGS > > > > PPS- just tacking this on here to save bandwidth, Rokbeigalmki isn't > > Elvish-based, but it does have loanwords from Proto-Elvish and (to a > > lesser extent) Nandorin, since the Rokbeigalm live in Tolkien's world. > > Bulyth has quite a few loan-words from Proto-Elvish, and Valarin (because > the Elves north of the mountains happen to be Sindar and Nandor. > Here are a > few examples: > > bened "woman" f. *wened- "maiden" > minyc "eleven" f. *minik-we > numyn "west" f. *nume:n > > rushyr "fire" f. V. rushur > tulyc "yellow" f. V. tuluk (cf. Tulkas) > > Bulyth has also shamelessly stolen from Cornish, Welsh, Old > Irish, Amman Iar > (sorry David), and Old Norse. Gods only know how they came into > contact with > speakers of those languages... ;o)
Really! I'm flattered. Can we have some examples of this borrowing? David David E. Bell The Gray Wizard "Wisdom begins in wonder." - Socrates