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R: Re: Phonological Relay Proposal

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:16
> Robert Hailman wrote: > > > > Back in late June, I had a brief conversation with Barry Garcia about > > the idea of a Phonological Relay. > > > > The idea was to see how speakers of one language would percieve the > > words of another (in fact, it stemmed directly from a conversation about > > exactly that.) > > > > The basic premise is that the first person in the relay provides a > > written example of their language of decent length. The Babel text could > > be a good one, but others would work. They will also provide an IPA > > version of said text, and send a copy of it to who ever is running the > > relay (probably me) and the next person. That person has to figure out > > how every single word would be adapted to their language's phonetic > > inventory and it's syllable structure. They will do the same thing as > > the person before them: write the passage the same way a speaker of > > their conlang would do it and an IPA version, and send it to me and the > > next person. > > > > Note that no translation would be done, each word would be adapted on > > its own. The meaning of the words is not important, we're just > > explaining the sounds. > > > > Also, Ajuk has a relatively simple phonology and syllable structure, so > > it wouldn't be the best to start off with. > > > > What say you all about this idea? Don't send any requests to join yet, I > > haven't made anything official yet. I'm just looking for opinions. > > > > -- > > Robert > > I say: this is cool!! Do it! I'm so in. Only thing is, can't decide > what to use, Ini or Nevokányi...tough decision too.
Why not both of them? Well, I think I'm gonna play with you : ) Why not using a Natlang to start with? I'd really like to see what will happen if the 1st step is in Georgian! Luca