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Yellowblue (was Re: Quest for colours: what's basic then?)

From:Javier BF <uaxuctum@...>
Date:Friday, April 30, 2004, 22:42
>>>People who have actually experienced the binary hue >>>that results from combining the blue and yellow percepts >>>have described the experience as seeing a colour they >>>had never seen before, and of course they had seen green >>>before. >>
[Doug Dee]
>>Nifty. How do I go about having the experience of combining >>the blue & yellow percepts? I'd like to see a new color. >
[myself] [...]
>As I suppose you cannot reproduce that experiment for >yourself (at least I cannot), I think you may still try >to get an approximation of what yellowblue might possibly >look like if you observe surfaces where blue and yellow >interact very closely but distinctly (that is, without >the whole thing becoming greenish), for example with some >tinted glasses and in the half-done mixes of paints you >can find if you look closely at some painting styles.
Just found this very interesting thing on the web regarding the above. Have a look at the background of the following webpage: Most surprisingly, it does look (at least to my eyes and on my screen) like a smooth transition from blue to yellow _without_ an obvious green or grey in between. To see it more clearly, you can try saving the background image and opening it in your computer; it is a thin stripe in whose middle you will find the closest approximation to yellowblue I've ever seen on a computer screen. Cheers, Javier


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