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Re: CHAT Graeca sine flexione (was: Greek plosives)

From:Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>
Date:Monday, February 6, 2006, 9:19
On 2/5/06, Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...> wrote:
> Philip Newton chi gráfi: > > > Or how about going the neuter route and using the article _ta_ and a > > noun ending -a? > > Article _ta_ is OK, but if we still need a suffix for pl. on nouns, it may well > be _-s_ - see acc. pl.
Acc. pl. of masculine nouns -- neuter nouns have -a, which was what I based that on. I suppose it depends on the model you take. Or maybe -es on the basis of MG fem. acc. pl. as well as masc. acc. pl. of previously third-declension nouns?
> > > Oh yes, what about deponential verbs and verbs in -mi? I see MG mostly > > > substitute them. > > > > I'd vote to integrate the ones in -mi into ones in -o. > > As the example above? AG _didomi_ > MG _dino_ > GSF _díni_? Sounds fine.
Or _dídi_ (also an alternative in MG).
> Shall we still have longer stem in case "N charis, G charitos, A charin" - that > is "chari" as in MG, or "charita" by analogy with "elpida"?
Ah, a good question. If we go strictly by the "" route, it'd be "chari", probably.
> > I feel we've give this quite an airing, shown how the sort of way it > > could go and also thrown up some of the problems involved. I feel we > > have, may be, given ideas for possible conlangs. > > I agree. I may stop at this stage. It was refreshing, anyway. Thanks to all > participants.
And from me. Interesting how a throw-away comment generated such a wonderful discussion :)
> > >>ACTIVE & PASSIVE > > >>here I am stuck. MG still uses synthetic passives. Obviously GSF cannot. > > >>All the above, of course, is indicative - no problem. Could the passive > > >>be formed using an auxiliary verb such as 'receive' or 'suffer'? > > > > > > Or "become", as in German? > > > > Yes, indeed. I quite like it. > > Ok, but caveat: _ginomai_ is deponent.
In MG, though, its aorist stem is active in form, though: _tha ginei, egine_. So one could simply make it into _gíni_ in GSF, I think.
> > Like Isaac, I feel I now need a break - besides my Brsc/Piashi is > > becoming more and more neglected :=( > > Let us shake hands, and wish all the best one to another. Actual conlanging is > waiting, to say nothing about the Real Life™...
All the best! Me kaló cheretismós, -- Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>