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LCS/LCC3 pictures hosting site is now up; plus a few other services you may like

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 7, 2009, 4:40
Our pictures site is now up:

As with all LCS services, this pics hosting site is free for all LCS
members (yay!) and for anything related to a conlang community service
(e.g. conlang meets, collaborations, etc). Just register, upload, and

Please upload any pics you took of LCC3 - or email them to Ron. If
you've already sent yours in to either Ron or me directly and they're
not up yet, please email him a reminder.

For any technical questions about the site, please contact Ron Canepa
(CCed), who's kindly volunteered to set it up. You may remember him as
Lila Sadkin's non-conlanging but very supportive and photographery
boyfriend at LCC3.

Some other services, free for everyone, that you may find useful: (by Don Boozer) (by David P & me - and you too, if you want
to contribute blog entries or podcast episodes) (by Kaleissin, based on (by Henrik Theiling, a CONLANG-L archive w/
nice interface) (by, in case you want
throwaway email on a domain that isn't blacklisted) (by Alan Levine, modified to have
pretty play buttons, as used on; feel free to rip our CSS)

- Sai

P.S. Some very early HQ video: snippets of the Glossotechnia game, as
taken by Diana Slattery's camera (thanks, Diana!):

If you know of any other relevant video on YouTube, email me the link
and I'll add it to the playlist. This can also be found embedded at