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Re: Omurax script

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, January 4, 2003, 12:03
>writing your own script seems like an interesting concept. Even though >this >one was based partly on Tibetan, it is a good start.
For Saalangal, i've spent MUCH more time focusing on the writing system than the actual language. I have an idea how it sounds (rather Philippine), so the indic style script it uses is a good fit. I cant imagine the Saalangal NOT having their own script, since where they exist is kind of a shadowy world of their own (here, but it's not connected to say Ill Bethisad or anything)
> > >How has your script constructing venture been? I'm thinking of making a >script for my language Dallza. I want it to be minimalistic and compact, >so it won't take for ever to spell things. I looked into writing systems >like those used by the Chinese and Japanese, and while I find them >interesting, I'm not sure if I'd want to implement such a system.
If Daliza is full of CV syllables and none to few consonant clusters, a syllabary would work. Of course I like abugidas (indic and ethiopic type scripts) because they are compact, since you dont have to always write syllables. Although like the Indic scripts you can get complicated and have conjunct glyphs (two glyphs combined into a consonant + consonant and vowel glyph) Japanese is very complex considering a lot of scripts and while it does work, i cant imagine creating the logograms AND the syllabaries. Hell a logographic script is hard enough to create as it is (i've tried... i gave up... too much work). Of course, you could go the route of some minor Chinese languages and create a logographic script that didn't evolve from a pictographic father script.