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Working on: Vijyareu

From:Samantha Phillips <putti_plush@...>
Date:Saturday, November 20, 2004, 0:45
I am working on a language called Vijyareu, and I would really appreciate feedback!
I think I'll start with the sounds.
A complete list, IPA:
b p t d k g #660; m n #331; B r #638; #632; f v #952; s z #643; #658; h j l w ! H
pr ts vl gr t#643; #598;#638; sz #642;l #648;l d#658; kl kt ks kH
i y^ #616; #649;^ #623; u, e( #611;  o, #603; æ œ, #596; a #592; #593;

I realize that this seems to be a rather large number of sounds, but I was
attempting to list all of the sounds that were spoken (impossible, knowing that
dialects tend to mess things up). Many of the different sounds arise from
syntax change. So where you would say [b] at the beginning of a word, you would
always say [B] in the middle, and where you would only say [#632;] at the
beginning of a word, you would say [h] afterwards, likewise with [a] and

I hope that none of you look down on my language as it is SOV, doesn't conjugate
everything in sight, uses CV V CVC VCV, and is isolating. I don't know what
much more to say right now, except that ! rocks my world, and I'm sorry to
trouble you with looking at another phonetic profile.

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