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Re: Polysynth Question

From:Dirk Elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...>
Date:Friday, April 13, 2007, 22:33
On 4/11/07, Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...> wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Apr 2007 14:13:17 -0600, Dirk Elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...> > wrote: > > > >I hope that answered your questions; let me know if it wasn't clear, > >and I can try again. > > > >Dirk > > It's very clear except for one thing: what happens when, say, 2nd person is > _seen_ by 1st person. Does "see" take both affixes, the possessive (-wa) and > the regular one (ku-)? I hope my question is clear. > > Jeff
Yes, you're right; this is precisely how it goes: kupitewa ku= pite -wa 2= see -1poss 'I saw you.' (lit: "You were my seeing") Dirk