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Re: Natural Order of Events

From:René Uittenbogaard <ruittenb@...>
Date:Thursday, January 29, 2009, 13:12
2009/1/29 Chris Peters <beta_leonis@...>
> > There are multiple Japanese verbs that translate to the English > "to wear", depending on how you put on the particular item of > clothing. On the head like a hat; around the body like a coat; > pull up like pants, etc.
Dutch has four categories, if my analysis is correct: 1. items worn on top of a body part (hat, glasses) 2. items worn around a body part (scarf, belt, ring, watch, tie) 3. items worn in a body part (contact lenses, dentures, earrings) 4. everything else. In each category, there are verbs for "don", "be wearing" and "doff": 1. opzetten/opdoen; ophebben; afzetten/afdoen 2. omdoen; omhebben; afdoen 3. inzetten/indoen; inhebben; uitdoen 4. aantrekken/aandoen; aanhebben; uittrekken/uitdoen René