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Re: another new language (not an auxlang thing)

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Thursday, July 1, 2004, 10:48
This is not what I wrote. Or perhaps I have
difficulties in expressing what I mean. So I'll try to
rewrite it:

- IF some people feel necessary to invent a new
auxlang, while knowing of the existing ones
(especially, Esperanto and Ido in this case, since
AIOLA looks rather close to them), THEN, probably,
they found some technical features insatisfactory in
the existing ones: in that case, they should be able
to explain briefly which ones and how they tried to
solve the problems. This could be of interest to any
conlanger or person interested in linguistics, without
any need to "advocate" and claim that the new language
is better that any one known before.

- IF the same people cannot propose such arguments,
THEN we might imagine that their main purpose was
having fun, and in that case, a technical discussion
will be little pertinent, because everybody gets its
own fun the way he wants.

And if they have no technical arguments, got no fun at
all, and didn't earn any money with it, then we might
really wonder.

--- Emily Zilch <emily0@...> wrote:
> { 20040630, 0222 | Philippe Caquant } "I had a look > and thought nearly > the same. This is very much like Esperanto. What > seems interesting is > that the special letters used in Esperanto are not > in use here. But > this is also the case in Ido. So the question is: > why reinvent the > wheel, instead of using and improving what already > exists ? Except for > fun, of course, which would be quite an > understandable motivation." > > there is some great irony in that we have a very > appropriate but highly > amusing opinion of invented languages: "well, if you > do it for > AMUSEMENT, for a HOBBY, it's valid. but try to be > serious and WHAM! you > banned." > > note i emphasise this policy is very appropriate - i > would argue > *crucial* - but still... we've got some seriously > ironic situations > going on there. > > em'ly > ******** > EMILY0 > >
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