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Re : Not, I repeat, this is Not a Translation Exercise...

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Date:Sunday, July 11, 1999, 7:41
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 11/07/99 02:19:54  , Padraic a =E9crit :

[see below]

interestingly enough, this Kernu say has a correspondence
in tayalat as =A7 45(ix)-f of the famous rak=E2m ha-marab code
with minor variant.

warning : tayalat is an ancient mesopotamian language
only recently discovered in the cunei-form of clay tablets
unearthed east of al 'am=E2rah, irak, upon uno's digging
up nuclear wastes stacked there for civilian purpose.
a few translation mistakes from tayalat into english
may occur due to :
(i) scanty information drawn from tablets as yet
(ii) radioactive disease of field searchers
(iii) kaputt automatic interlinear translating appliance
(iv) etc.

this fragment has been restored and decyphered by Pr.
jean-pierre dupont.

RES : resultative case (make, say, grow, think something, etc.)
DIR : directive case (accusative, dative, bene/malefactive, locative, etc)
NOM : nominative case
missing or illegible text of the tablet is construed [inbetween brackets].=20
[zh] as in 'asia', [sh] as in 'sure'.

> tu ym marche al nacua dethrayer tu poz; > Thou a horse to water lead thou may; > =20
tawa[km-i-l has] mazhd-i [tawumun a gasan] assu[me-RES-next_clause you] can-RES [make_go NOM horse] [takn-e bara]l [go_to-DIR se]a hash doyarun. latter_clause is-not-bad.
> mays si sa sorry dhorse sa nath, > but if she upon her back she swims, > =20
tawakm-i-l has mazhd-i [bawulum a-t] assume-RES-next_clause you can-RES [make_swim NOM-her] [kayalug e pur=E2n] h=E2-t [lie_on DIR backs] GEN-her
> cel-at-syn zyrprenniu perry rege. > it's a wonder fit for the king.
hash voyarun. latter_clause is-not-unworth a CNN parabolic antenna.
> Padraic.
mathias ouille la t=EAte.