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VOCABULARY AID: Basic and Additional Vocabulary (topics 49 - 53)

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, February 27, 2005, 13:43
Manáyang eváris!

OK, I was lazy copying the stuff from that textbook to the
computer during the last two months. But here you are the
topics 49 to 53. It's not much, but enough to keep alive
these series ;) I must see where on my server I've got the
file I keep the words in. It'll be updated.


I hope there are only few typos this time:

49. Retail Trade (cf. 47/48)

article, bag, balance, bill, bowl, box, butcher, button,
can, clothes, coat, coffee, container, cost, cream, demand,
detail, display, expense, gain, profit, recommendation,
rest, return, sale, shop, show, stock, store, stuff, total,
trunk -- to balance, to buy, to cost, to cut, to demand, to
display, to drive, to fold, to furnish, to gain, to please,
to point, to polish, to profit, to recommend, to return, to
get rid of, to rise, to satisfy, to sell, to send, to shop,
to store, to supply, to total -- expensive, pleasant,

retail trade, store(s) (Am department store / supermarket),
baker's/grocer's/butcher's shop, benefit, proprietor,
shop-, show-window, closing-time, counter,
shop-assistant(-girl), clearance sale, turn-over,
consumption / consumer, purchaser, depression, item,
surplus, label, publicity, enclosure, enclosed, surplus

50. Restaurant, Café, Hotel

a) In general

account, arrival, bag, baggage, bar, bill, business, call,
chair, change, coin, demand, dinner, hotel, hunger, inn,
journey, kitchen, lunch, payment, plenty, price, profit,
provisions, rest, sale, soap, sort, stay, store, sum,
supper, supply, telephone, television, tip, waste, wire --
to aquire, to arrive, to ask, to call, to demand, to eat,
to feed, to fetch, to fold, to iron, to pay, to press, to
profit, to rest, to sell, to sleep, to stay, to store, to
supply, to swallow, to telephone, to treat, to wait --
asleep, awake, busy, cheap, expensive, hungry, polite

restaurant, public house (pub), cafeteria, fare, bill of
fare, menu, feast, banquet, dessert, board and lodging,
boarding-house, waiter, innkeeper, host(ess), tablecloth,
youth hostel, to slumber/to relax, to lie awake, to starve
to death, to refresh, to feast, to chew, to digest, sleepy,
sleepless, weary (with), scanty, meagre, refreshing,
luxurious, substantial

b) Food

basket, bean, beef, bone, bread, butcher, butter, cake, can,
cheese, cherry, chicken, cook, cream, dinner, dish, duck,
fork, game, ham, heart, honey, jam, knife, meat, orange,
pear, plate, roll, salt, shoulder, soup, stomach, sugar,
taste, tin, tooth -- to bring, to cook, to cut, to melt, to
prefer, to prepare, to taste -- cold, fat, fresh, hot,
lean, raw, sour, tender, warm

appetite (for), veal / pork / mutton, roast meat/chop,
sauce / gravy, salad, poultry, spice / pepper, sandwich,
toast, scrambled eggs / fried egg, sausage, slice, pastry,
whipped cream, preserves, porridge, cereals, mashed
potatoes, chocolate, peach / plum, strawberry /
gooseberry / raspberry, pea / cabbage, cucumber /
cauliflower, lettuce / spinach, tomato / onion, radish,
lemon / grape, herring, to toast, to rot, to pepper, to
squeeze, to fry, to peel, to flavour, to season, rotten,
juicy, well done, tasty / tasteless

c) Drinks

bar, barrel, beer, bottle, coffee, drink, milk, sugar, tea,
thirst, water, wine -- to drink, to empty, to fill, to
prefer, to warm -- bitter, cold, cool, dry, excellent,
fresh, hot, light, strong, thick, thirsty, warm

speirits / alcohol, ale, brandy / whisky / punch, orange- /
lemon-juice, soft drink, chocolate, cork, drunkenness, to
get drunk, exquisite, delicious

51. Wealth, Poverty

failure, harm, hunger, lack, load, loss, lot, means,
problem, simplicity, sorrow, waste, wealth, wreck -- to
acquire, to disappoint, to earn, to frighten, to hesitate,
to hurt, to lose, to overcome, to receive, to recover, to
reduce -- awful, bad, cruel, dull, economic(al), enough,
fortunate, happy, hard, healthy, helpful, honest, hopeless,
humble, hungry, idle, little, low, lucky, merry, moderate,
modest, painful, poor, rich, scarce, simple, slight, small,
terrible, unable, unhappy, wealthy

riches, landed property / land owner, income / pension,
abundance / poverty, distress, to prosper, to augment / to
heap up, prosperous, abundand (in) / thrifty, well-to-do

52. Farming: Agriculture

desert, farm, farmer, field, flour, grain, growth, harvest,
machine, management, manager, market, meadow, nature,
origin, plant, plough, potato, profit, rain, season, seed,
shower, spring, straw, weather, weight, wheat, wind,
winter, yard -- to boil, to cultivate, to gather, to grow,
to harvest, to manage, to pick, to plough, to sow -- fat,
natural, original, wet

farming, agriculture, countryman / farmer, countrywoman,
farmhouse, estate, plantation / cultivation, pasture, hay /
clover, barley / rye / oats, combine, rake, barn,
fertilizer, to ripen, to reap, to drain, rural, barren /
fertile, mature

53. Farming: Cattle-Breeding and Animals

animal, beast, beef, beetle, bird, bit, blood, body, calf,
cat, cattle, cock, cow, dog, fat, feather, fish, flight,
flock, fly, foot, goose, head, hen, horse, insect, milk,
mouse, neck, nose, ox, pig, saddle, sheep, skin, tail,
throat, weight, wing, wool, worm -- to attach, to drink, to
eat, to feed, to fish, to fly, to live, to load, to raise,
to sing -- fat, gentle, live, raw, strong, tall

shed / stable (Am barn), dog-kennel, cattle-breeding, herd,
bull, pet, pig-sty, fowl, dove, pidgeon, turkey, rabbit,
rat, bee-keeping, paw, hoof / horseshoe, shepherd, to
graze, to breed, to pet, to pat, to hiss, to whine, to
glide, fierce, savage

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